Sipahh Choc Milk Flv Straw

Artificial flavor. A Sipahh Straw with milk is a good source of calcium and Vitamins A & D (An 8 fl. oz glass of cold milk). A fun way to drink milk. One Sipahh straw adds 1/2 teaspoon of sugar to milk. The Sipahh FlavorMeter: Do you like a little bit of flavor or a big flavor rush? Read the Sipahh Flavor Meter for different ways you can enjoy your Sipahh Straw with milk - Super Flavor Rush! Quick, take a sip! Say Sipahh Straws seven times. Repeat 'til milk disappears. Big Flavor Bursts: Take a small sip. Say Sip-ahh three times. Repeat 'til milk is gone. Longer Lasting Flavor: Use slow sips or slurps. A Little Bit of Flavor: Take super long sips. Fun Milk Fact: You'd have to eat seven cups of broccoli, six cups of red beans or five oranges in order to get the same amount of calcium from one cup of milk. (That's a lot of broccoli, red beans & oranges). Sipahh makes it easy to drink milk. No Measuring: Each straw flavors an 8 fl. oz glass of milk. No Mixing or Stirring: A mess-free way to flavor milk. No Worries: Each straw is portion controlled. Sipahh with 8 fl oz of Milk Delivers: Vitamins A & D to help maintain vision and absorb calcium; Protein to help build lean muscles; Calcium to help build strong bones; Less than 15 calories per straw! Sipahh tastes great - At home for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. With school lunches for a fun and healthy treat. Anytime, anywhere! Parties, restaurants, road trips and more - Sipahh can go wherever you go!