Ak Mak Sesame Cracker

Made with organically grown whole wheat flour. Low fat. No cholesterol. Bran layers. Farina or starch. Wheat germ. Longitudinal section of a grain of wheat. ChooseMyPlate.com. From the vicinity of Mt. Ararat - the cradle of civilization and the ancient land made famous by Noah's Ark - ak-mak Bakeries brings you the Original Armenian Cracker bread - ak mak - the Cracker Bread with a 3,000 year history. For Decades We have Said the Following: ak-mak is essentially a whole wheat product. Is ak-make a nutritious cracker? Does ak-mak have any nutritional value for you and your family? We will tell the story as it is and let you and your family decide. Rice is, and has been for many centuries the staple food of the people in the Far East. Corn and beans have been the staple food of the South Americans. Wheat, on the other hand, has been the staple food of the Americans, Greeks, Romans, and Holy Land people for nigh onto 4500 years. In the Biblical days it was considered an important part of the diet: Genesis 18:6, Genesis 42:1 and 2, and Genesis 43:11. We at ak-mak are bringing to you a high-protein wheat as well as the highest quality wheat that is available on the American market - without preservatives and this all organically grown wheat is ground into flour and is the only flour used in manufacturing our excellent whole wheat sesame cracker - ak-mak. We cited these Bible verses to show that the ancient peoples considered cereals to be vital to life and living. In this day we have finally come full circle with the present MyPlate program. By official authority, cereal grains are shown to be a larger part of the foundation of a healthy diet. This food group guidance, MyPlate, honors the intelligence of the ancient peoples. ak-mak Bakeries (the Soojian Family) has been the leader in baking the ancient flat breads and cracker breads in the USA for 118 plus years. Our sesame cracker, made from all organically grown whole wheat flour, is still the no.1 cracker in the marketplace - since 1952 and still counting. Since 1893 - four generations of the Soojian family baking in the USA. Positively no preservatives, bleaches or bromates in ak-mak crackers. Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc. Visit us at www.akmakbakeries.com. Stone ground. For a meal or a snack. California State Fair Blue Ribbon - Gold Medallion Winner.