Gibbles Potato Chips, Red Hot, Home Style

Being just a small company located in picturesque Cumberland Valley near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, we have been totally surprised by how quickly word has spread about our red hot potato chips. Other snack food manufacturers have barbeque, sour cream 'n onion and a variety of other flavors of potato chips. We wanted something different, so we purchased the highest quality spices and seasonings available, then blended and tested until we were almost burned out. Finally, we chose this red hot blend. Now, we know it was time and taste buds well spent. Your loyalty and enthusiasm are proof of that. We also know that a purchaser of this product is among an elite group, who love the sensation of steam billowing from their nose and ears, fire forming on their lips and perhaps enjoy chug-a-lugging Tabasco sauce or snorting horseradish. We appreciate folks who can stay cool when the going gets hot. Red hots are not for everyone. They're for a special group of red hot lovers who are really hot stuff! Research has proven that individuals believed to be the coolest under fire are the greatest risk of becoming Gibble's red hot lovers! Made in USA.