Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Vinegar 12.7 Oz Bottle

Contains the mother culture. 5% acidity. The Coconut Secret Story. When both our parents learned they were diabetic, my bother and I were deeply inspired to search the world for pure, raw, truly delicious, low glycemic foods. We were rewarded and blessed beyond expectations in our discovery of the wondrous coconut tree. It is our great joy to be able to share with you the gifts of these exceptional ingredients. -Leslie and Randy. Health Secret of Coconut Vinegar. When the coconut tree is tapped it produces a highly nutrient-rich sap that exudes from the coconut blossoms. This sap is very low glycemic (GI of only 35), and contains a wide range of minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, 17 amino acids, and has a nearly neutral pH. Small batches ensure that our raw, certified organic Vinegar made from this natural sap, is an unheated, enzymatically alive product, naturally aged for 8 months to one year. Our Coconut Vinegar, a naturally occurring fusion of living probiotics, enzymes and health promoting co-factors. Recipe Tips: In addition to using in your favorite dressings and marinades, our Coconut Vinegar may also be used instead of apple cider vinegar for skincare or with any internal cleansing program. This delicious vinegar does not have a coconutty flavor.