Pur Beneful Dog Food Dry

You've never seen a dog food like Beneful! It contains wholesome, real ingredients like real beef, plus crunchy whole grains and vitamin-rich vegetables, to provide the abundant nutrition of a completely balanced meal. Beneful has six distinct food-shaped pieces - including moist meaty chunks made with real beef - so it even looks like real food! Dogs love its great taste, the crunchy and moist textures, and the combination of unique shapes. Now you can deliver a perfect balance of healthful ingredients, quality nutrition and superb taste to your best friend.. for pure contentment. That's Beneful! Abundant nutrition for your dog's health and happiness! Moist, chewy chunks made with real beef are rich in protein to help build strong muscles. Enriched with calcium for healthy teeth and strong bones. Contains vegetables with Vitamin A and other important vitamins, mineral and nutrients. Omega-6 fatty acids, along with antioxidant like vitamin E and selenium, help support a healthy immune system. Crunchy corn packed with carbohydrates for energy, and linoleic acid for a shiny coat. Contains iron for healthy blood.