Dog Chow Dog Food

Build digestive system. Replenish cells of vital organs including a healthy heart. Nourish muscles, bones & joints. 100% Complete & balanced nutrition that builds, replenishes & nourishes every day. Build Digestive Health: Formulated with the high quality protein and carbohydrate needed to support the constant turnover of intestinal cells. Healthy Immune System: Replenishes building blocks of the immune system with a special combination of protein and antioxidant nutrients to help your dog stay healthy. Bones & Joints: Supplies optimal levels of calcium, phosphorus and protein to help maintain healthy bones, joints and teeth. Muscles: Provides the amino acids and minerals needed to maintain healthy muscles. Cells of Vital Organs including a healthy heart: Provides a complex spectrum of essential nutrients, such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, needed to replenish and support vital organs, including a healthy heart. 23 vitamins & minerals. Whole grain nutrition. A great-tasting crunch. The Purina Life Plan an unprecedented fourteen-year study by Purina proves that you can help extend your dog's healthy years by feeding to his ideal body condition throughout his life. Use the recommended daily feeding amounts as shown.