Complete Multi Purpose Solutio

Sterile. Meets airline carry-on requirements. For effective disinfection and comfort. Use Complete Multi-Purpose solution for soft contact lenses: cleans; rinses; stores; disinfects; removes protein. Easy Rub Formula = disinfection & comfort. Disinfection: With its unique Easy Rub formula Complete MPS promotes disinfection by removing and killing a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms on your lens to help protect your eyes against infection. Complete MPS Easy Rub Formula removes protein and debris to thoroughly clean your lenses. Comfort: Complete MPS Easy Rub Formula contains Poloxamer 237, an effective cleaner that is also gentle on the eyes. With 4 beneficial electrolytes, Complete MPS Easy Rub formula helps promote a healthy lens wearing experience. Ask your eye care professional about what makes Complete MPS Easy Rub Formula a great choice for effective disinfection and comfort. Made in Spain.