Mariani Sea Salt Caramel Raisins

Per 30 g Serving: High energy snack; Natural flavors; Gluten free. TouchLock easy seal. Family owned & operated since 1906. New! Our family's best. Since 1906. Creamy, sweet and also savory, Mariani's new Sea Salt Caramel Raisins are sure to be a treat for your taste buds! Our plump, sun-ripened raisins have now been dipped in a mouthwatering caramel coating and mixed with a pinch of sea salt - keeping you craving this high energy snack and coming back for more. Enjoy them with your favorite trail mix combination, ice cream or just straight from the package. From our family to yours. - Mark Mariani. Visit us on the web! Products - Recipes - Promotions - More. Facebook. Twitter. Product of USA and/or Argentina.