Twinings Superblends Tea Bags Energizing Matcha Cranberry & Lime Green Tea 18 Tea Bags

New look! London. Superblends. Energizes the body & mind. Matcha: Finely ground from shade-grown green tea. A modern blend from Japanese tea ceremony traditions. Crafted for boost of energy! Green Tea: Our green teas are gently pan fired and rolled from the garden of China to your cup! Cranberry & Lime: Delight in the bright zingy-sweet flavour of cranberry and lime. At Twinings, we believe in living well and enjoying life. Since our humble beginnings in 1706, our drinks have delighted consumers for generations. Today, our master blenders seek out the finest teas, herbs, and botanicals from around the world to brilliantly blend delicious wellbeing drinks that taste great and do you good. Our Superblends range of teas are carefully crafted for your enjoyment as you take positive steps towards living well, feeling good, and enjoying life. Drink in life. Over 300 years of experience. Est 1706. Brilliantly blended by our Master Blenders to maximize benefits and flavour. Want to energize your day? This easy-to-drink wellness tea was crafted to leave you feeling ready to embrace your day. An enjoyable drink for your mind, body, and soul. Are you ready to feel great? Enjoy two refreshing cups a day as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to feel ready and energised! What does it taste like? Green tea and matcha are blended with the flavours of lime and cranberry for an uplifting cup. Recyclable carton. We are a member of Ethical Tea Partnership. Twinings of London sourced with care. Learn more at: