Glaceau Energy Beverage, Nutrient Enhanced, Tropical Citrus 18

B3, B5, B6, B12 + C. Evolution is a good thing, right? Just think, if you didn't change, you'd still be rocking your calculator watch, sporting your fifth grade mullet, and using expressions like gag me with a spoon. Well, evolution is also a good thing for energy drinks, they're full of artificial ingredients that not only taste bad, they set you up for a quick take off and an even quicker crash. Call us crazy, but that doesn't sound like a smart idea. So we cracked open our 8th grade science books and learned two very important lessons. First, nutrients give you energy and second, kissing someone in your bathing suit won't make you pregnant. That's why we packed this drink with key nutrients to give you that extra sumthin' sumthin'. Things like natural caffeine for immediate energy, C and B vitamins for metabolic energy and ribose for sustained energy. So while your other energy drinks are rolling into your Pintos and grooving to your 8 track decks, we'll just be over here with our iPod, Prius and this cool new thing called the future. Contains no juice. Nutrients are the new energy. The inside is natural. The outside is aluminum.