Kitty White Premium Litter

Fast effective odor control: Kitty White's natural time release odor control granules eliminate odors quickly and effectively. Regular usage of kitty White will make your home fresher and cleaner. Unique absorbing system: Kitty White is composed of sanitized white granules which isolate liquid into moisture-laden balls. This provides for easy waste removal. Dust and tracking control: Our special air-sweep production process reduces dust buildup, which minimizes irritating airborne particles and litter tracking in your home. Economy: With Kitty White working effectively to control litter tray odors and making waste easier to remove, you will not need to change the litter as frequently. A real money saver for your week after week. Other uses: Kitty White may be used effectively as a tire traction aid, for garbage can deodorizing, barbecue grill lining and oil spill cleanup around garages and furnaces.