M Smith Pch Pie

Now 40% larger in a 9 inch size. Bake it fresh! A delicious way to bring family and friends together. It's been said that pies are a friendly kind of desert - warm, inviting, delicious and special - without being too fancy. Mrs. Smith's has been serving up good times at family meals, holidays and get-togethers for over 75 years. The secret? The same homemade goodness and care that Amanda Smith put into the pies she served her family, friends and neighbors, are in every pie Mrs. Smith's makes today. Delicious, juicy peaches surrounded by a tender, flaky crust -a fresh from your oven peach pie you can be proud to serve! Go ahead, invite someone over for a friendly, relaxing visit. You can count on Mrs. Smith's to bring people together anytime, everytime!