Kretschmar® Buffalo Style Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

Kretschmar Premium Deli Buffalo Style Chicken Breast delivers bold flavor in a convenient deli meat for a quick meal option on busy days. 98% fat free for a leaner protein option, our fully cooked chicken breast is also gluten free and has no MSG added to fit your dietary preferences. A coating of red pepper, garlic and paprika infuses each bite with a savory Buffalo-style flavor that makes meals exciting. Deli slicing makes our premium Buffalo chicken breast the perfect consistent thickness for sandwiches and recipes, giving you a ready-to-serve option to keep on hand. Kick up your brown bag lunch with our deli Buffalo chicken breast and your favorite sandwich toppings, or chop up the sliced deli chicken and add it to a salad for a quick meal at home or at work. Use our deli chicken breast in paninis for a hot sandwich option. Keep Kretschmar buffalo chicken lunch meat refrigerated to ensure freshness. Try the legendary taste of Kretschmar today.