President Soft Ripened Brie Cheese

Always creamy. All natural. Mini-wheel. Delicious recipes inside. Let president be your specialty cheese coach. The easy way to pair & share. President Brie is the leading soft cow's milk cheese with a delicious buttery and creamy taste and an edible rind. Wine & Beer Pairing Suggestions: Champagne, cru beaujolais, merlot, sauvignon blanc, bordeaux, pilsner, cherry ale. Pairs Well With: Perfect for quick entertaining or for indulgent recipes like Brie en croute. Pairs with apricots, apples, berries, pears, quinces, pine nuts, pistachios, and olives. Did you know? Remove your Brie from the refrigerator and allow it to warm up at room temperature for 30 to 45 minutes. The flavor and aroma will fully energy and your Brie will be even creamier! Questions or comments 1-800-641-8306.